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This morning my attention was drawn to an opinion piece written in The Sydney Morning Herald by Adele Horin on 7th July, 2012. The opinion piece deals with the nature of clerical celibacy in the Catholic Church, and whether that discipline should remain compulsory. The opinion piece can be found here.

Without wanting to presume to disagree with the Church and its position regarding clerical celibacy, I’d be interested in knowing what the readers of Doohan It This Way think about it all. Your comments are welcome, but if you wish to remain anonymous please feel free to take advantage of the poll below.

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  1. philosoffer

    The priesthood of the moment carries a heavy burden. Married clergy coming’home’ receive verified orders but are I suspect bringing with them a perception of the faith lacking the formation by learning enjoyed by the existing celibate clergy.
    Celibacy should in my view, preferably be a personal choice but linked to the possibility of other choices e.g. the Religious life or marriage. It is doubtful whether the prurient media are able to see the question any other way than presented in the article. Maybe now that there is a firmer grip on the resolution of paedophilic problems there is a clearer sky ahead, human fraility permitting.
    Unquestionably there is a unique sacredness in the Catholic priesthood and ministry which I myself view as better practiced in a single life. This view admittedly is based upon any wisdom I may, or may not have acquired in 53 years of married life with its pillowtalk.
    At present I suspect, a high percentage of Catholics, without too deep examination of the pros and cons, would readily agree to a married clergy after the media brainwashing they have been subjected to.
    The Church as guardian of the faith is commissioned to state firmly the alternative paths good or evil, to life everlasting. The eternal truths in its care are not affected by the likes or dislikes of the faithful or indeed anyone are they? Circulation of these still has to get to the extremities of the ‘Body of Christ”which often they seem not to be doing.
    For someone of my advanced years the disappointment over the problems of the last 20 years or so has been aggravated by the Church’s repeated failure to teach. It has meekly allowed the mud to splatter it without comment. In the face of successive media attacks, the Church’s authority has failed the faithful. To my knowledge there has never been handed down from pulpits statements of the truism that a crime is a matter for the one committing it whether that be in actual committal or by the individual in authority concealing it, and so on up the ladder.
    Over 2000 years as we know, the Church has faced and survived turmoil and will continue to do so.The difficulty is that the changes occur so slowly over generations and seldom come to fruition in any one lifetime wherein they appear critical.

  2. George Brown

    My opinion on the matter of priestly celibacy is that it should be left to the individual priest to decide their view on the issue. Either way it will not change the essential nature of that person or the execution of their priestly duties. I suspect that any change in doctrine however will a long time coming.

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