Fr Andrew Doohan is a Catholic Priest of the Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle trying to live and work in interesting times – and sometimes getting it right.

These pages contain the archive of a range of things, all drawn from various sources, including current events and news in society and the Church, the books and articles that have been read, and interactions and conversations. The things featured here captured Fr Andrew’s attention and interest, in one way or another, from August 2011 to October 2022.

Here you will find reflections and musings, book reviews and travel diaries, the recording of homilies preached, and commentary on topical issues, among many other categories.

Having made the decision to cease creating on my blog, my interactions within the great entity that is the cyber world will now feature on my Facebook Page or via my Instagram Feed rather than here. You can access those feeds via the links below if you want to see what is still grabbing my attention.

The contents of this website have been produced and curated by Fr Andrew Doohan, drawn from a number of sources that have caught his attention. The inclusion of any material should not necessarily be construed as an endorsement of that material, nor does it represent the views of the Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle or any other organisation with which he is associated.

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