The WYD Journey – Day 11

Today, the Saturday of the World Youth Day weekend, was a day of preparation in the main part that culminates in the all-night Vigil tonight in the place where tomorrow the Holy Father will preside at the World Youth Day Mass to conclude the formal celebrations. Many pilgrims are making their way to that place across the course of the day, prepared not only for sleeping out under the stars, but also for the heat that they will be exposed to for several hours.

Unfortunately, for reasons too personal to be expressed here, I made the reluctant decision to not go out today, and have instead spent my day in my own quiet day of preparation, and will keep the Vigil in the chapel in our residence at the same time as the Holy Father is leading other pilgrims in prayer at the venue. I am slightly disappointed that I wasn’t in a position to head out to the venue with other members of the group, but it was the right decision to make.

Tomorrow morning I will arise early to head out to the venue in time to concelebrate the Papal Mass, and so bring the formal part of our pilgrimage journey to an end. But more of that after the event…