Review: Great Is the Mystery: Encountering the Formational Power of Liturgy

Great Is the Mystery: Encountering the Formational Power of LiturgyGreat Is the Mystery: Encountering the Formational Power of Liturgy by Joe Paprocki
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The blurb on the back cover of the book is instructive:

This book is an invitation to that privileged place, the liturgy, where we encounter the great mystery of Christ that must be at the heart of our catechesis. This book is for all those engaged in mystagogia – the kind of catechesis and formation that is the result of careful attention to and reflection on the celebration of the liturgy. This is a wonderful resource for catechists and liturgists who seek to help those with whom they work to enter more deeply into the mystery of God. Using reflections, quotations from Scripture and Church documents, storytelling, and suggestions for group conversations and activities, this book encourages people to enter deeply into the liturgy and break open what they have experienced through discussion and reflection. This book is ideal for anyone who needs to catechize about liturgy, including directors of religious education, RCIA catechists, liturgy directors, and pastors.

This is truly a remarkable and accessible book that draws the reader into reflecting upon and considering exactly what it is they do when they gather with their brothers and sisters to celebrate the liturgy of the Church. It contains any number of hidden gems to encourage the reader, along with profound challenges to make them cringe just a little.

Written in an easy conversational tone, this book prompts those engaged in liturgy – and that includes everyone, as Paprocki and Williamson rightly point out – to do so with a renewed vigour, and a renewed enthusiasm for this most profound of actions undertaken by the people of God.

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