Review: The Church At Worship: Theology, Spirituality and Practice of Parish Liturgy

The Church At Worship: Theology, Spirituality and Practice of Parish Liturgy by Joseph DeGrocco
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A very thorough and accessible treatment of the nature of parish liturgy by someone who not only puts the reformed liturgy into practice in his parish but who has also reflected on the nature of liturgy and its implementation at some length.

From the backcover:

The Church at Worship: Theology, Spirituality, and Practice of Parish Liturgy is the ideal resource for grounding students, parish staff, and volunteers in the principles and fundamentals of Catholic worship. Monsignor DeGrocco provides a pastoral approach to understanding how participation in the liturgy is internal and external at the same time and how such participation changes us to be at service to the world in building the Kingdom of God. As Monsignor Kevin W. Irwin notes in the Foreward, the author guides us to “view the liturgy from the inside, to allow its words, texts, signs, and gestures to speak to us and for us.”

The short, easily accessible chapters provide discussion questions and suggested reading that any student of liturgy will find helpful in the preparation and appreciation of the liturgy.

My one cautionary note would be to remind readers that Monsignor DeGrocco writes from the North American perspective, and as such his insights need to be seen from that perspective and adjusted to local context. Having said that, however, I agree that this book is an excellent resource for any student of, and practitioner of, the liturgy of the Catholic Church.

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