Review: Reaching for God: The Benedictine Oblate Way of Life

Reaching for God: The Benedictine Oblate Way of LifeReaching for God: The Benedictine Oblate Way of Life by Roberta Werner
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

For anyone who is an Oblate of St Benedict – or contemplating becoming an Oblate of St Benedict – this book is a must read. In its pages is found a wonderfully insightful and concise summary of Benedictine spirituality geared specifically to the Oblate, and thus provides a useful reference to help the aspiring or existing Oblate to more faithfully live out their lives seeking God as an Oblate.

The author, Roberta Werner osb, is uniquely qualified to pen such a tome, being involved in the Oblate program of her own monastery as well through the North American conference of oblate directors. Her insights, her summation, her wisdom and understanding have come not from some theoretical pursuit but rather because she has witnessed and accompanied the journey of many who have sought to make commitment as an Oblate of St Benedict.

The last ninety pages features a comprehensive reading list, examples of methods of lectio divina, examples of parts of the various hours from the Liturgy of the Hours, and so much more, and are really a treasury of resources to be constantly plumbed by the user of this book.

I highly recommend this book.

From the back page:

Reaching for God is a compendium of Benedictine life and prayer for the layperson. It brings together in one volume the essence of Benedictine spirituality – its history, its relevance through the ages and in the present, and a summary of the most fundamental gifts and values it offers for living a meaningful life. Here, the meaning and purpose of the oblate way of life is explained in a clear and encouraging way. Roberta Werner, OSB, offers guidance and examples of prayer to enrich any spiritual life.

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