Review: Jesus: A Pilgrimage

Jesus: A PilgrimageJesus: A Pilgrimage by James Martin
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I’m glad I left this book to be read during the summer ‘holiday’ period. Doing so allowed me to appreciate the significance of its contents all the more, and have the time to begin to plumb the depths of the insights that James Martin has peppered across the pages of his thought provoking and challenging account.

Described best perhaps as a mix between a personal journal of his Holy Land pilgrimage, a study of scriptural texts associated with places visited in the Holy Land, and a deep spiritual reflection on the significance of those texts as encountered while in the places where the probably took place, Jesus: A Pilgrimage is a very personal yet very public encounter with the person of Jesus.

I have found that, when read from a perspective of faith, this book has challenged my understanding of the Gospels, providing me with another way of looking at well-known passages from the life of Jesus, and yet at the same time has been profoundly comforting to my relationship with Jesus. Written in a very accessible and conversational tone, James Martin invites the reader to enter into the experience of his time of pilgrimage, not only physically but spiritually. I found the invitation very easy to accept.

I would highly recommend this thoughtful and thought-provoking book to anyone, be they persons of faith or none, who might like to know more about the background of the Gospel.

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