Review: The Life of St Benedict By Gregory the Great: Translation and Commentary

The Life of St. Benedict By Gregory the Great: Translation and CommentaryThe Life of St. Benedict By Gregory the Great: Translation and Commentary by Terrence G. Kardong
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As someone who is a Benedictine Oblate I am embarrassed to say that until now I have not read an edition of The Life of St. Benedict by Gregory the Great until I read this translation by Terrence Kardong.

This book, part of the Dialogues of Gregory the Great, provides a hagiography of St Benedict that must be considered mandatory reading for anyone who wishes to have an understanding of the life of St Benedict and, therefore, the origins of the Rule that has so influenced the spiritual tradition of the Western Church.

From the backcover:

In his classic Second Book of Dialogues, Pope Gregory the Great lionizes Saint Benedict as hero and casts him predominantly in the role of miracle worker. Yet in his Rule, Benedict comes across more as a practical community organizer and premier spiritual father. In this volume, Terrence Kardong offers a fresh take on Gregory the Great’s classic. He alternates between translated sections of the Dialogues and his own commentary. Crisp and direct, and infused with his wry and ever-present sense of humor, Kardong’s writing is sure to build up the spiritual life of readers and, equally important, to make them love St. Benedict.

Highly recommended.

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