Review: The Mass

The MassThe Mass by Lucien Deiss
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Although now clearly dated – the commentary offered is based on the now defunct English translation of the Roman Missal – this books remains a classic look at that liturgical event that Catholics often take for granted, at least in terms of not being aware of the nuance contained in the text and actions.

Lucien Deiss is a master of his subject and it becomes clear in the way in which he leads the reader through the Order of Mass providing insight, commentary and history to the post-Vatican II version of the Mass. It should come as no surprise that Deiss would do so given his long involvement in the study and teaching of the liturgical life of the Catholic Church.

I would highly recommend this book for regular reading by any Mass-going Catholic.

From the back cover:

Father Deiss in this work helps us to discover the rich liturgical celebration of the Mass. He follows the Order of the Mass so that the reader might appreciate this structure and its rhythm, and he explains each part of the Mass with its rites and words. Some of these elements have their roots in the beginnings of Christianity, while others witness to the religious and cultural experience of Christianity through the centuries. Father Deiss tries to help us understand the meaning of the celebration today.

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