Review: Catholicism: A Journey to the Heart of the Faith

Catholicism: A Journey to the Heart of the FaithCatholicism: A Journey to the Heart of the Faith by Robert E. Barron
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This book has been sitting on my shelf for many years, since, in fact, I purchased the eponymous DVD series. While I have watched the DVD series on a number of occasions, alone and in the company of others, I have not until now taken the book from the shelf and read it.

And I am now hitting myself over the head for waiting so long!

In an easy flowing and accessible style, the mark of a good evangelist, Robert Barron takes the reader to the very basics of Catholic Christianity, exposing them to the great treasures that constantly point the way to God and seeks to draw them into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. It is this latter reality, the personal relationship with Jesus Christ, that Barron consistently proffers as the very heart of Christianity in general and Catholic Christianity in particular.

Whether one is a Catholic or is seeking to know more about Catholic Christianity, this book is a valuable resource, and one that, it is hoped, will assist all those who read it to know more about Jesus through the prism of the great treasures of Catholicism.

From the dustjacket:

What is Catholicism? A 2,000-year-old living tradition? A worldview? A way of life? A relationship? A mystery? In Catholicism, Father Robert Barron examines all these questions and more, bringing the mysteries of the faith to life for a new generation.

Starting from the essential foundation of Jesus Christ’s Incarnation, life, and teaching, Father Barron moves through the defining elements of Catholicism – from sacraments, worship, and prayer, to Mary, the apostles, and saints, to grace, salvation, heaven, and hell – using his distinct and dynamic grasp of art, literature, architecture, personal stories, Scripture, theology, philosophy, and history to present the church to the world.

Paired with his documentary-film series of the same name, Catholicism is a one-of-a-kind, global, and intimate journey, capturing “The Catholic Thing” in all its depth and beauty. Eclectic, unique, and inspiring, Father Barron seeks to capture the body, heart, and mind of the Catholic faith in a style that is both faithful to timeless truths while simultaneously speaking in the language of contemporary life.

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