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Review: After Emmaus: Biblical Models for the New Evangelisation

After Emmaus: Biblical Models for the New EvangelizationAfter Emmaus: Biblical Models for the New Evangelization by Marcel Dumais
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I was both disturbed and encouraged by this book, a book which focuses on five biblical models of evangelisation. I was disturbed because this book, and the models therein, challenged the normal way of thinking about the nature and methodology of how the Church, and its members, goes about the task of evangelisation. I was encouraged because the models that Dumais puts forward make eminent sense.

At the heart of the models of evangelisation lies the very person of Jesus. The task of those called to evangelise is not to impart doctrine and practice but to introduce people to the very person of Jesus himself. The teaching of doctrine etc belongs not to evangelisation but to catechesis, which presupposes the relationship of faith that is the object of evangelisation.

For those with even a passing interest in the ‘new evangelisation’ – and that really should be every Christian! – this book is must read. It offers a chance to revisit the fundamentals: the task of evangelisation and some models, drawn from the Scriptures themselves, as to how we might go about that task.

Very highly recommended.

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