Review: Creative Ideas for Alternative Sacramental Worship

Creative Ideas for Alternative Sacramental Worship [With CD/DVD]Creative Ideas for Alternative Sacramental Worship [With CD/DVD] by Simon Rundell
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This could be a very dangerous book in the wrong hands! It should be read within the context for which it is written, and not necessarily be seen as a panacea for perceived problems beyond that context.

Written from an Anglo-Catholic, Fresh Expressions background, this book is not a theological treatise on the nature of sacramental worship, but more a ‘how to’ toolkit for those interested in exploring sacramental worship within the ‘fresh expression’ motif that appears in the Church of England (primarily) and the various other expressions of Anglicanism to be found around the world. Within the context in which it is written it is a very valuable resource.

From the back cover:

Creative Ideas for Alternative Sacramental Worship takes the Church’s most ancient signs and symbols for expressing God’s presence – the sacraments – out to the cutting edge of contemporary evangelism. Profound and practical, it blends a deeply traditional approach with creativity and imagination to show how multi-sensory worship can be one of the most effective tools in mission today.

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