Review: Earth Unites With Heaven: An Introduction to the Liturgical Year

Earth Unites With Heaven: An Introduction to the Liturgical YearEarth Unites With Heaven: An Introduction to the Liturgical Year by Gerard Moore

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A very well written and easily accessible book that explains the origins of the liturgical year, season by season, for those who might want to begin to understand this seemingly complicated aspect of Church life. Drawing on his expertise, Gerard Moore provides just enough information to provide a suitable introduction to this subject without overwhelming the reader. As an introductory text, this book is well worth reading.

Highly recommended for those who want to know.

From the back cover:

Where does the word ‘Easter’ come from? Why is Lent called ‘Lent’?

We are immersed in the liturgical year and impelled across the weeks by the liturgical calendar, but how did it come about? Earth Unites with Heaven reveals the impulse behind the seasons and ceremonies, the colours and prayers, the structures and priorities of the liturgical year.

The book is a more than a useful guide to the background of our order of worship. It opens up the way in which time itself is placed at the service of the mystery of faith in Christ. Each page reveals something of how the paschal mystery is live in culture, history and piety, and challenge them afresh with the power of Christ through the ages.

In a compact and accessible form, Earth Unites with Heaven offers us an insight into the larger lines of thought, prayer and action that underpin the liturgical year, always with an eye to the more interesting and hidden facts, historical traces and popular devotions that hold our attention captive, and more vitally enrich our worship and participation.

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