Review: Last Orders

Last Orders (The War That Came Early, #6)Last Orders by Harry Turtledove

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book is the sixth and last book written by Harry Turtledove in a series that is based on an alternative timeline for events surrounding the Second World War.

There were a number of ‘surprises’ contained in Turtledove’s alternate version, and each was explored in detail across the six volumes of this series in ways that were entirely consistent with the choices he had made. This consistency contributed significantly to the grand narrative that Turtledove crafted over the six volumes, and is another example of his skill in this area.

I have thoroughly enjoyed this series, as I have enjoyed the other books of Turtledove that I have read in recent times. For fans of the ‘what if’ genre of fiction, I would highly recommend any of his works.

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