The Presence of Christ

The ontological presence of Christ in the Eucharist enjoins on us a willingness to recognize the presence of Christ elsewhere. A theology that seeks to find Christ in the Eucharist to the exclusion of Christ elsewhere will end with a Christ that remains nowhere. Rather, a living eucharistic theology will lead to the conviction that God is remembered everywhere, that the whole universe, by which we are nourished, is the flesh of the Word, bearing the ineradicable traces of God’s constant love.

Kimberly Hope Belcher, “Can a Mother Forget Her Baby?: Flesh, Recognition, and the Eucharist”, in At the Heart of the Liturgy: Conversations with Nathan D. Mitchell’s “Amen Corners,” 1991-2012, Maxwell E. Johnson, Timothy O’Malley, Demetrios S. Yocum, eds. (Collegeville, MN: A Pueblo Book, published by Liturgical Press, 2014), p. 11. ISBN: 978-0-8146-6309-7.