Review: The Poet Prince

The Poet PrinceThe Poet Prince by Kathleen McGowan
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is third, and so far last, book in a series entitled “The Magdalene Trilogy” based on particular esoteric assertions concerning the life of Jesus Christ. The fundamental tenets of the ‘true’ Christianity that underpin the basic storyline are not difficult to grasp, nor are they completely at odds with the more widely held Christian beliefs.

Except for the gnostic tone of those fundamental tenets, i.e. that they are really only known to those who are chosen to be taught and not more widely. As such, this series presents a challenge to the understanding of both history and Christian faith that some readers might find difficult.

Be that as it may, as esoteric mystery novels, these books are a wonderfully engaging story, a mix of the present day and the past, with story arcs that stretch across each individual book of the series as well as across the series as a whole. The development of the major characters across the series is a joy to read and watch, and they provide a glue that keeps the reader engaged across the series.

There is a hint of a fourth book in the series contained at the end of the third book, but it is, as yet, unpublished.

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