Review: The Two Georges: A Novel of an Alternate America

The Two Georges: A Novel of an Alternate AmericaThe Two Georges: A Novel of an Alternate America by Richard Dreyfuss
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Another wonderful yarn from the pen of Harry Turtledove and, this time, his co-author Richard Dreyfuss. There’s enough possibility in this story for it to be feasible and entirely imaginable, and yet it is a thoroughly outside the norm as to be clearly an alternative view of history.

In this particular case, the story is centred in an America that never revolted against the United Kingdom and is still part of the British Empire. Bringing together historical knowledge – both authors have a profound understanding and interest in this – with the ability to unfold a good storyline, develop interesting and, at times flawed, protagonists, and to create a world that is different to the one in which we live results in a finely crafted book that was engaging and entertaining in equal measure.

For those who have not as yet encountered Turtledove’s work and who have an interest in historical fiction, I would encourage you to investigate his range of alternative historical novels.

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