Review: Foundations of Christian Worship

Foundations of Christian WorshipFoundations of Christian Worship by Susan J. White

Although I persevered in reading this book, I found it unhelpful to me – largely I suspect because it is written from a Christian tradition that is inherently different to mine. It’s for that reason, and that reason alone, that I haven’t rated this book.

From the back cover:

Providing structure for thinking seriously about worship as a part of Christian faith and experience, Foundations of Christian Worship addresses the questions “What is Christian worship?” and “Why do Christians worship as they do?” Beginning with an overview of the theological, biblical, historical, and anthropological foundations of Christian worship, Susan J. White then turns to discussing its components – prayer, creeds, music, time, ritual, and art. Later, she delves into the nourishment of the Christian life and the major worship events throughout the human life cycle. Finally, she discusses contemporary challenges to Christian worship such as ecumenism, pluralism, and the connotations of worship language and concludes with case studies for further exploration. With helpful appendixes and a glossary of liturgical terms, Susan White’s Foundations of Christian Worship is an excellent primer for seminary students and ministers early in their careers.

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