What’s The Difference?

…few assemblies claim the eucharistic prayer as their own. “It is rarely a lived moment of participation by the assembly ‘making eucharist together.'” Are we not embarrassed to find a central prayer whose words often are spoken inattentively – and heard just as inattentively? Are we not ashamed to realize that our acclamations are little more than a peep when they are meant to shake earth and heaven? We need desperately to discover the dynamics of the great thanksgiving prayer. For the first time in over a thousand years in our Roman Catholic church, the entire eucharistic prayer is being prayed aloud. What difference has it made? What difference can it make if an assembly regularly joins to make this prayer central?

Here is a bold answer: The difference that grasping the dynamic of the eucharistic prayer, praying it well and embodying it at Sunday Mass can make…is the difference between life and death. The living out of our baptismal life as daughters and sons of God is at stake.

Richard McCarron, The Eucharistic Prayer at Sunday Mass (Eugene, OR; Wipf and Stock, 1997), pp. 2-3. ISBN: 978-1-55635-734-3.