The Need To Rethink

The Second Vatican Council was, in effect, an occasion on which the Catholic Church profoundly rethought its own identity, its own relationship with itself and with the world. Fifty years later, we need to think again about this rethinking, aware, in doing so, not only that the Council becomes the object of our study but also that we must know how to continue to receive it as a subject able to rouse the mind, enflame the heart, and give a new vitality to the body.

It is therefore useful to recall that “our” rethinking risks much (or, one might say, risks everything) if we forget the rethinking that has already happened and that we are living. Otherwise we can easily fall into the danger and the temptation of reducing the Council to our criteria of understanding, thereby losing much of the specificity of the conciliar method, which consists not so much in changing the “objects” of ecclesial attention as changing the forms of life through which these objects are experienced and expressed!

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