Review: Revelations of Divine Love

Revelations of Divine Love (Penguin Classics)Revelations of Divine Love by Julian of Norwich

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Once you get your mind around the slightly archaic English that is being used, this book is remarkably easy to read. The task of grasping the meaning of this book is, however, a task that will last a lot longer, since it deals with things that are of God.

There is much to grasped in this spiritual classic, though, and this is a book that, while possible, is not one to be simply read and then forgotten; this is a book that will linger in one’s sub-conscious and will need to be read over and over again. Only then will the true value of what is contained in the words written by Julian of Norwich ever fully be grasped.

From the blurb:

Written by Christian mystic Julian of Norwich in the 14th century, based on visions she received while praying for her recovering from a life-threatening illness. After her recovery, she dedicated her life to God and the church in gratitude. As part of this process, she shared the sixteen visions of Jesus the Christ and the Virgin Mary.

Unlike many of her contemporary religious writers, she wrote in the language of the common people, Middle English, rather than Latin. In that spirit, this version has been translated into modern English, making it ideal for someone with less experience in medieval literature.

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