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Incarnation of the Word in Living Cultures

As the sacrament of Christ, the church is culturally diverse. It proclaims and celebrates the integration of the Gospel and of the memorial of Christ into the lives of peoples of diverse histories and different cultural heritages. The principle spelled out is that the Gospel takes root in cultures, and that, in transforming them from within, it is itself enriched. It is not to an abstractly conceived cultural heritage that the Gospel is addressed as God’s living Word, but to peoples faced with their own anguish and looking to their own heritage and history for some vision of present and future in a time of decay. When the hearing of the Word is related to particular histories and cultures, there must be diversity in sacramental celebration.

David N. Power, “The Word in the Liturgy: Incarnating the Gospel in Cultures”, in Sacraments: Revelation of the Humanity of God: Engaging the Fundamental Theology of Louis-Marie Chauvet, eds. Philippe Bordeyne and Bruce T. Morrill (Collegeville, MN: Liturgical Press, 2008), p. 48. ISBN: 978-0-8146-6218-2.

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