Review: Dark Fire

Dark FireDark Fire by C.J. Sansom
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is the second book in the Matthew Shardlake series of novels and is set chronologically some few years after the first in the series.

All the religious houses have now been dissolved and the lands and buildings of the monasteries have been destroyed and dispersed among the rich and famous of the land, those whom the king and his chief minister are seeking support from, and those who simply see the opportunity for a quick profit.

It is in this context that Matthew Shardlake, lawyer and now questioning reformer, is presented with a terrible tangle of cases that intersect with each other in ways that are both intriguing and surprising. A commission from the chief minister of the kind, Thomas Cromwell, draws Shardlake and his new assistant into the realms of conspiracy, murder and intrigue.

This was a thoroughly enjoyable novel, again one I have read before, but which was thoroughly engaging. The intersection of factual history, both characters and events, with the fictitious elements that Sansom adds so masterfully, engaged my interest and attention once more.

Thoroughly recommended.

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