Review: Chosen of the Valkyries

Chosen of the ValkyriesChosen of the Valkyries by Christopher Nuttall
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Book Two of the Twilight of the Gods series picks up immediately from where the first book finished. The Greater German Empire has been torn apart by internal strife, and civil war breaks out (I’ll say no more – you’ll have to read the book!).

The struggle that raised its head in the first book, the struggle to dare to raise questions and think independently in a one-party totalitarian state, has serious consequences for the main protagonists as they continue to explore what their contemporary Germany should be. There are, not surprisingly, external dangers as well, as those who consider such an exploration as nothing less than high treason seek to restore order.

Another engaging effort from this author and I am looking forward to the conclusion in the third book of the series.

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