Review: Sovereign

SovereignSovereign by C.J. Sansom
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is the third book in the Matthew Shardlake series of novels and is set chronologically during the Great Progress of King Henry VIII north towards York.

Faced with the usual conspiracies that beset Tudor England under Henry’s reign, Shardlake finds himself attached to the Progress in York and drawn into the kind of conspiracy that could have one sent to the Tower of London – for no other reason than knowing a little about something remotely connected to the conspiracy.

As a result, Shardlake finds himself the target of several attempts on his life which, as we discover towards the end of the novel, are only part of the trouble that confronts him. Ably aided by his assistant, Barak, Shardlake manages – as always – to figure things out in time to avoid (too much) danger and the threat on his life.

Another thoroughly enjoyable novel, the product of the skilful mix of historical fact and inventive fiction on the part of the author. I felt myself drawn into the story from early in the novel, and didn’t quite manage to remember who the real adversary was (even though I had read this novel before) until it was revealed thanks to Shardlake’s logical efforts.

Thoroughly enjoyed and recommended.

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