Review: Revelation

RevelationRevelation by C.J. Sansom
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Another classic mystery thriller from the pen of CJ Sansom sees his hero, Matthew Shardlake, lawyer and one time radical believer in Christian reform, thrown into the midst of a series of brutal, nay horrific, murders that seem to draw ‘inspiration’ from the Book of Revelation.

As is true of all of Sansom’s books in this series, the ensuing investigation is set amidst the highly charged politico-religious atmosphere of the reign of King Henry VIII, now drawing to towards the end, with all the danger, suspicion, and subterfuge that goes along with such a setting.

Another thoroughly engaging story with just the right hint of historical accuracy to make it both believable and chilling.

Thoroughly enjoyable, and highly recommended.

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