Review: Heartstone

HeartstoneHeartstone by C.J. Sansom
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Another engaging story from the pen of C.J. Sansom featuring his lawyerly protagonist Matthew Shardlake.

As usual, there are mysteries galore to be faced by Shardlake and his companion/clerk Barak, historical and present in this particular book, that draw them both into intrigues of state and the pressing danger of French invasion. Facing personal danger from old foes and new, Shardlake manages to navigate the many mysteries and emerge changed but ‘victorious’.

The historical setting of the book draws the reader into the reality of late Tudor England and the many and various issues and events confronting the people, high and low. The detail of the broader historical setting used by Sansom is an attractive feature, one which I find particularly appealing to my own reading preferences and which has kept me coming back to each volume of the Matthew Shardlake series as they have been published.

Highly recommended.

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