Eucharistic Dangers

Speaking of changes in the Eucharistic celebrations that occurred during the High Middle Ages, Martos believes:

“The mass itself, a ritual shadow of the great liturgies of earlier centuries, was opaque to most people, for they did not understand Latin and, even if they did, they could not have heard the priest standing at the altar with his back to them. But they were enabled to penetrate the mystery of the Eucharist when a bell signaled that the priest was about to lift it high, right after it was consecrated, so that they could adore it. Inevitably, superstition got mingled with this pious practice, leading to the belief that saying the right prayer during the elevation of the host would bring good fortune.”

Joseph Martos, Deconstructing Sacramental Theology and Reconstructing Catholic Ritual(Eugene, OR: Resource Publications, 2015), p. 215. ISBN: 978-1-4982-2179-5.