Review: The Final Sacrament

The Final SacramentThe Final Sacrament by James Forrester
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The last book in the Clarenceaux Trilogy continues the story of intrigue and murder that surrounds the Clarenceaux King of Arms, William Harley in the reign of Elizabeth.

This last book draws the story to a surprising, and definitive, end, which (spoiler alert!) doesn’t has sad outcomes for many of the major characters we’ve met across the trilogy. The setting of the novels has the ring of authenticity to them, though still clearly a novel, a work of fiction, set in an historical “accurate” genre – and this adds to the appeal of the novel for me.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the series and wish there were going to be more in the series. Alas, this trilogy will always remain a trilogy.

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