The Aberration of Tribalism

[The] new tribalism is an aberrant form of reception of the fact that the boundaries of the church have become more porous. For this tribal and sectarian mentality, the redefinition of boundaries means not a more welcoming church, a church whose doors are always open to let people in, but a church whose doors are always open to push some people out. The ecclesiology of this mentality dispenses inclusion and exclusion on the basis of ideological renditions of Catholicism and not on the theological and sacramental character of the faithful. The polarization that took place as well in the liturgical life of English-speaking Roman Catholicism during this last decade around the issue of the “extraordinary form” of the Mass and the new English translation of the Missal is part of a larger process of “sorting” within Catholicism beginning with the liturgy (just like Vatican II decided to begin with a document on liturgy).

Massimo Faggioli, Catholicism & Citizenship: Political Cultures of the Church in the Twenty-First Century (Collegeville, MN: Liturgical Press, 2017), p. 126. ISBN: 978-0-8146-8426-8.