Review: The Bishop’s Tale

The Bishop's Tale (Sister Frevisse, #4)The Bishop’s Tale by Margaret Frazer
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Another good yarn from Margaret Frazer that this times see Dame Frevisse, and her companion, outside the walls of her Benedictine house to attend a family funeral, and all that comes with it.

It is there that Frevisse gets drawn into the kind of intrigue and mystery that is at the heart of this series.

Aside from being a good story, and an intriguing mystery, I also appreciate the way in which Frazer attempts to capture something of the society of the day, and its complexity, while weaving her story. In this volume, Frazer does that well, and draws the reader not only into the mystery being faced by Dame Frevisse but also the late medieval period in English history.

Thoroughly recommended.

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