Auckland 2017 – The Second Day

Today was an unplanned day designed to do two things. Firstly, there was a need to begin adjusting my body clock to New Zealand Time, which I think is going to prove somewhat difficult since it seems determined to stay on Australian Eastern Time. Though my alarm went off at the designated time of 7.30am, I didn’t wake until almost 9am – which I am going to put down to a long day of travel yesterday.

The second aim for today was to ensure that I stocked up on the necessary food supplies that will allow me to base myself here in my Epsom flat, and only have to have light snacks while I’m out and about.

With that in mind I sallied forth this morning to familiarise myself with the local surrounds, particularly in terms of coffee shops (vitally important to know) and supermarkets (less important but still significant). In the process of doing so (by which I mean I took a few wrong turns despite the best intentions of Ms. GPS) I discovered the Auckland Domain, and spent an hour or so wandering around that lovely and luscious green space close the city of Auckland. There was some lovely and breathtaking views, and some interesting memorials and structures dotted around the Domain. My intention is to return there before I leave to take some photos of both the views and various structures.

Leaving the Domain, I resumed my search for a supermarket close by my place of residence, and after a little bit of searching managed to find a medium-sized iteration not that far from the flat. After obtaining a few supplies and returning back to the flat, I ate a late lunch and then collapsed for a nap. Again, I’m blaming the day of travel yesterday.

In the evening I decided to go to the movies to see the film Dunkirk. I would thoroughly recommend this (relatively) short movie (it’s only 106 minutes) to anyone with even a passing interest in the military history of World War II. The story of the Dunkirk evacuation is told through the eyes of soldiers, sailors and flyers – and the wide array of civilians – that were involved in that singular event in the timeline of World War II.

It was a wonderful performance by an ensemble cast – as movies such as these tend to be – which didn’t pull any punches though wasn’t gory in terms of its depiction of violence. It was the stories that were much more important, and they are told with care and honesty.

After the movie it was back to Epsom and to my bed where I attempted to get to sleep at a ‘civilised’ hour and continue the adjustment towards New Zealand time. But more of that tomorrow…