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Review: The Boy’s Tale

The Boy's Tale (Sister Frevisse, #5)The Boy’s Tale by Margaret Frazer
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Another engaging tale featuring the named protagonist who, along with the other residents of her Benedictine house, is drawn into royal intrigues and affairs of state.

As always, the unfolding of this story around the monastic regime makes for some interesting reading, particularly when, in order to solve the mystery, Dame Frevisse is torn between following the threads of intrigue and attending to her commitment to the monastic life and the Rule of St Benedict. How that tension is resolved will be revealed if you read through the book.

As always the historical setting of the book is ‘accurate’, in the sense that while the particular monastery is a fiction, it portrays the kind of late medieval Benedictine house that would have been common in the England of the day. In addition, the greater historical narrative is not ignored, but is woven neatly into the particular narrative of this volume in the ongoing story of Dame Frevisse and her Benedictine house.

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