Auckland 2017 – The Sixth Day

You may remember, gentle reader, that I mentioned towards the end of my last entry that I had suffered a small glitch yesterday afternoon while leaving the Auckland Museum in the rain. I mention it again only in case it may have slipped your mind. Hold that thought…

I awoke this morning in slight discomfort, a discomfort that centred around the knee and ankle of my right leg, the same leg that, for some unbeknownst reason, didn’t quite fulfil its purpose yesterday in keeping me sure footed and upright. When I realised in my pre-coffee fogginess that the discomfort I was feeling was the direct result of yesterday’s glitch, words escaped from my mouth that were both foreign and unrepeatable in polite company such as yourself, good reader. Suffice to say, I was not a happy camper!

Not to let such a thing set me back, I resolved to get up, and get out and about and do something with the day that lay ahead. I was not going to let a mere glitch upset my day nor my holiday.

As I mentioned I started off with some degree of resolution. I returned to the same cafe as yesterday, again walking the short distance from the flat to enjoy a couple of lattes, and some pages of the book I am currently reading. I resisted the temptation to replace the absent lemon tarts with something else, if only because nothing else there took my fancy at the time. The ‘stroll’ to the cafe was a little slower than yesterday, and towards the end I was very much looking forward to sitting down and taking the weight off my leg. Nevertheless, I thought a bit more gentle exercise, i.e. the walk back to the flat, would be enough to get me back into the swing of things and allow me to head out to do those things I had planned to do today.

Reality, however, had a different thought.

By the time I had return to the flat, I realised that my resolution was misplaced. There was no way I was going to be able to stay on my feet to walk through the New Zealand Maritime Museum on Auckland Harbour today. It would have only made things worse, and the impact would have lasted for many days more. Reluctantly, I opted to postpone my visit to the Maritime Museum and to, put my feet up – particularly my right one – in the hope that by resting and the usual other treatments for such things I might be able to salvage the rest of my holidays.

And so, having made the decision, I did exactly that. I stayed in my flat, and kept reading. I did venture out late in the afternoon, but only to the supermarket so I could have some food for dinner.

While disappointed that I’ve had to take a ‘rest day’, it’s not like I’ve missed anything. My general approach of only planning ahead one day means that my trip to the Maritime Museum is only postponed not abandoned, and the day in the flat (more like an afternoon really) also meant I could give some thought to what else I might do in coming days. But you’ll have to wait for further updates to find out what’s been planned.