Auckland 2017 – The Tenth Day

Yep, I slept very well last night. So well, in fact, that I slept very late this morning. To make up for my late morning I did what any right thinking fellow on holidays would do…

I went for coffee.

I may have already mentioned that not that far from the flat where I am based there is a fabulous little cafe that makes one of the best lattes I’ve ever had. And today was no exception, and I made sure of it by having a second one while also indulging in a lemon tart and more of the book I’m currently reading. After all, I had to ‘wake’ up, didn’t I? And the only way to do that is ingest caffeine, right? And one can’t ingest caffeine just willy nilly! Oh no, it has to be done in a civilised fashion, involving cafes, books, and lemon tarts!

Now suitably awake, and after returning to the flat for a while, I decided that my after lunch activity should take the form of a casual saunter through the neighbourhood in which the flat is located. There’s a nice mix of some gentle (and not so gentle) hills and flat grounds, and some architecturally interesting houses located therein. I didn’t take my camera, lest I be mistaken for someone ‘casing’ their place.

I wandered far and wide – thankfully Mr Google was able to navigate me back! The walk gave me an appetite, and so the decision had to be made as to what to have for dinner, and then acquire said ingredients prior to the preparation of said dinner. While at the supermarket I made decisions about what I’d eat for the rest of the time here. That will save me from further trips to the supermarket.

And so, dinner was cooked, dinner was eaten, and quiet night on the couch with a good book – and a glass of wine – was had.