Review: The Prioress’ Tale

The Prioress' Tale (Sister Frevisse, #7)The Prioress’ Tale by Margaret Frazer
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There was a different twist to this iteration of the Sister Frevisse Medieval Mysteries. There’s still the murder and intrigue we’ve come to expect in the small Benedictine house in which Dame Frevisse and her sisters reside, but this time much of the intrigue is internal to the Benedictine priory itself. We see, too, the return of some familiar ‘faces’ in this edition as well, likely I suspect to be recurring features right throughout the series as it unfolds.

At the heart of this story, however, apart from murder and mystery, is the story of greed, of revenge, and of inter-familial jealousy and turmoil. This setting provides the basis for the ‘external’ story that is the subject of this volume, while the ‘internal’ story echoes the external is some surprising ways.

Another wonderful tale from Margaret Frazer that grasps my attention from the very beginning.

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