Auckland 2017 – The Eleventh, Twelfth and Thirteenth Days

So, gentle reader, you may be wondering why I haven’t been reporting on my continuing adventures here in Auckland the last few days. And you may be further wondering why when I resume my reportage I’ve ‘lumped’ three days into one.

The answer to the first source of wonder is simple: I got lazy in my reportage. The answer to the latter question is also simple: all three days took the same form, with only minor alterations hardly worth reporting on.

I have spent these three days wandering (as opposed to wondering). Each day has featured a walk to the local cafe in the morning for a latte (or two) and some further pages of the book I just happen to reading at the moment, followed by lunch back at the flat. Just after lunch I went for a ‘longish’ walk around the local neighbourhood, heading off in a different direction each day, discovering some more wonderful examples of architecture and a few churches that happened to be open for visiting (alas not of the calibre of the churches visited in Madrid and Rome earlier in the year). ‘Designing’ my walk to take the form of a circuit that ultimately drew me back to the flat, just in time for a cuppa and a sit down. A late afternoon walk, just around the block, capped off the day before dinner and a quiet evening of reading.

Exciting, right?

The only alteration involved a side trip to the post office after the cafe in order to post something back to myself (rather than manhandling it on the aircraft) – again, super exciting stuff.

That being said, the walks were enjoyable and quite refreshing, and the lattes (and the lemon tarts) were also of high quality. I occasionally passed someone as I walked around the neighbourhood, also obviously out for a saunter, and have to remark that they always said hello. A very friendly bunch these New Zealanders.

So that’s why I haven’t been reporting much, and why everything is now back up to date. Only one more full day remains in my Auckland 2017 trip and you’ll have to wait to find what that day entails.