Review: The Maiden’s Tale

The Maiden's Tale (Sister Frevisse, #8)The Maiden’s Tale by Margaret Frazer
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This has to be the best of the series that I’ve read so far, drawing the named protagonist out of her Benedictine house (although for good reason) and into the heady waters of statecraft, espionage and intrigue. Oh, and there is murder along the way as well, but in this case that heinous crime is secondary.

Margaret Frazer has a wonderful way of drawing her reader into the historical setting of her novels – there is enough historical ‘fact’ in the background for the events that are fictionalised to be possible – while crafting and weaving a story of great intrigue that impacts on the high and low borne alike. Her mastery of narrative is superb, and her attention to the ‘little details’ simply add to the possibility that her story might have happened the way it is written.

Another fine and enjoyable contribution from this author. Highly recommended.

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