Review: The Reeve’s Tale

The Reeve's Tale (Sister Frevisse, #9)The Reeve’s Tale by Margaret Frazer
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Margaret Frazer provides another tour de force in this volume in the continuing Dame Frevisse Medieval Mystery series, with intrigue, murder and the complexities of medieval manorial life very clearly on display.

Finding herself thrust unexpectedly into a position she’d rather not occupy, our eponymous heroine navigates the situation that faces her and the village near her Benedictine house with the kind of inquisitive exploration that makes her Dame Frevisse. In the process, Frevisse confronts not one but two murders, the sins of the flesh, the fall of some medieval clergy, and the kind of life in a medieval manorial village that can only be described as insular.

The reader should not fear, however, since in the end, justice triumphs, though with no assistance from the ones who should be delivering it (and who we’ve encountered in previous volumes in this series).

An enjoyable and engaging read. Highly recommended.

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