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Review: Satan in St Mary’s

Satan in St Mary's (Hugh Corbett, #1)Satan in St Mary’s by Paul Doherty
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

And so I met Master Hugh Corbett, a clerk in the court of the King’s Bench, who is entrusted with a special mission by England’s Chancellor, a mission which draws Corbett into the world of intrigue, treason and the black arts.

As the author, Paul Doherty, notes in his Author’s Notes some of the characters are indeed historical characters, and some of the events that form the meta narrative for his novel did, in fact, take place, and this level of historical authenticity adds to the overall appeal of the fictional narrative – at least for this particular writer.

The narrative is engaging and maintains a good pace throughout the novel, without losing anything along the way. This is a good example of the ‘historical mystery novel’ that I am intrigued by and which, as you can tell from recent reviews, feature heavily in my reading list at present. I hazard a guess that this book and this series will provide many good stories as I work my way through the adventures of Master Hugh Corbett.

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