Review: The Legacy of Vatican II

The Legacy of Vatican IIThe Legacy of Vatican II by Massimo Faggioli
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This book of essays had its genesis in a conference organised by Boston College that bore the same title as this book, and which was held (in 2013) to celebrate two events: the fiftieth anniversary of the opening of the Second Vatican Council, and the sesquicentenary of Boston College itself.

As individual essays these contributions are masterful, prepared by scholars of repute in their own particular fields of expertise. As a collection, these essays together remind us that the events of the Second Vatican Council cannot be found in individual documents but only through seeing the corpus of texts as a unified whole. Moreover, while the content of the corpus of the Council is significant, the methodologies intimated within that corpus are just as, if not more, important.

For anyone who lives or works within the contemporary Church, this collection of essays is important to read, as a reminder of what happened during this epochal event in the life of the Church. That the Church is still working on its attempts to draw the full significance of the Council’s work to the fore, and bring it to fruition for the present and future of the Church.

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