Review: Corpus

CorpusCorpus by Rory Clements
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Although I’ve never formally studied history as a subject, I’ve always found the period from approximately 1910 to 1950 fascinating, particularly from a politico-social perspective. The turmoil caused by the First World War that then flowed into the 1920s and 1930s and giving rise to the various totalitarian regimes of Europe has much to engage one’s interest, and provides lessons that we are still able to learn from almost 100 years later.

This novel by Rory Clements takes place in the late 1930s in England, with the abdication crisis surrounding King Edward VIII as the broader background. The interplay of larger political and international intrigue with murders that are intensely personal to the hero, a Cambridge professor with Irish-American heritage, provides a gripping story for the reader to dive into, while the plots within plots ensure that the ending is both intensely satisfying and profoundly unsettling.

I thoroughly enjoyed the book, and look forward to the promised next volume that features this particular hero.

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