Review: The Angel of Death

The Angel of Death (Hugh Corbett, #4)The Angel of Death by Paul Doherty
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I found this particular volume in the Hugh Corbett series a little disappointing compared to the previous contributions I have read recently. The storyline was acceptable, but the build up of suspense seemed a little lacking from my perspective, with the mystery almost being over too quickly.

The narrative of this particular mystery is based entirely on a known historical fact – the death of the Dean of St Paul’s Cathedral during the celebration of Mass in the presence of the King of England – and I suspect that the lack of suspense I noted in this volume flows from the narrative being too closely tied to that reality. I may be wrong, but involving the character in a known historical event as opposed to a generally historically ‘accurate’ period and events may have limited the ability for the expected suspense.

I have come to appreciate the developed character of the eponymous hero of this series over the course of the four books I have now read to date, and this volume provided a few more insights into who Corbett is and how/why he works the way he does.

Still an enjoyable read, though I do hope the next volume focuses of more suspense in the narrative.

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