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Review: Murder Wears A Cowl

Murder Wears a Cowl (A Medieval Mystery Featuring Hugh Corbett)Murder Wears a Cowl by Paul Doherty
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

International political intrigue, treason, robbery and multiple murders. This volume in the ongoing Hugh Corbett series from Paul Doherty has it all. And then in the Author’s Note at the end we discover it’s all historical true… Got to love a good historical mystery thriller.

Our eponymous hero is back, with a new family, a new position and status, and with a new assignment from the King of England to sort out a series of murders rocking the City of London. In the midst of the hunt for the murderer, Corbett stumbles across a plot to rock the entire Kingdom in favour of the old enemy, France.

Thankfully, Corbett is able to rise to the challenge of solving both satisfactorily thus enabling relative peace to return to the City, and the security of the Kingdom and the King to be maintained. How he does that you’ll have to discover for yourself by reading the text.

A thoroughly enjoyable and gripping narrative based on a real life events, around which Doherty has inserted his own brand of storytelling, drawing the reader in with every turn of the page. Well worth reading.

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