Review: On Doubt

On DoubtOn Doubt by Leigh Sales
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A very enjoyable and insightful essay from Leigh Sales on the question of doubt or, more specifically, how the presence of doubt should make someone infinitely wiser – because of the constant questioning and exploration that doubt engenders – yet seems to be seen as a weakness in contemporary society, which highly praises certainty, particularly in some political leaders.

Originally published in 2009, this edition has been updated to include a 2017 postscript which, interestingly enough, all but proves the position that Sales enunciated in her original version. The saturation of social media, blogs, and ‘niche news’ highlights the way certainty is praised and doubt rubbished in contemporary society, and which, as a result, has led to a decline in the nature of public discourse.

Though short in length, this updated version of her original works strikes a chord with those who see something fundamentally diseased with what passes for contemporary dialogue. Sales’ original essay would have been worth reading in and of itself; this updated version must surely be considered compulsory reading for anyone who seeks to understand the society in which we live.

Very highly recommended.

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