Review: The Templar’s Cross

The Templar's Cross (Sir Law Kintour #1)The Templar’s Cross by J.R. Tomlin

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Once you get your head around the use of Scots spelling in this book, this is an enjoyable yarn, following Sir Law Kintour’s efforts to re-establish a life for himself following the disastrous campaign in France fought by the French and their Scottish allies against the English.

Initially unable to find himself the kind of employment suitable for a landless knight, Kintour is dragged into mystery and murder in the medieval city of Perth, facing betrayal on many sides, and the prospect of being sent to the noose if he fails to unravel everything in time. Thankfully he is successful (which I knew because books two and three already exist in this series).

I found this book enjoyable enough, though slow in parts of the narrative, particularly those parts not directly relating to the overarching storyline. They are, perhaps, the kind of scene setting developments that will make more sense as the series unravels in the following books.

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