More Pro-Life Than The Pope?

An interesting development has been reported on the website of Crux (see the full story below).

I find it hard to believe that the group establishing the new academy would believe that their actions are anything but a direct criticism of Pope Francis. Their claim essentially boils down to believing they more ‘pro-life’ than the present pope – or possibly, that the present pope is not keeping up to the high standards that these people expect a pope to embrace when it comes to being ‘pro-life’.

The charge of rebellion could also be laid against the group advocating the new academy. As the author writes: “For years, Vatican insiders said the Academy for Life had become ineffectual because of the faction led by Seifert, with Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi even speaking of the influence of “fundamentalists” within the body.” It becomes very easy in light of that comment to believe that the group referred to in the article is exhibiting some signs of ‘sour grapes’ that “their” (original) academy no longer exists in the form that they want it to.

It will be interesting to follow further developments along this front.