Praying Together

Would not it be wonderful if Christian churches could pray together in a more visible way?

Fr Bosco Peters, a well respected liturgist from New Zealand, raises the possibility in one of is latest posts to his weblog ( in the light of the Pope Francis’ recent amendments to the Code of Canon Law that returns responsibility for the translation of liturgical texts to local Bishops’ Conferences.

Referring specifically to the Collect used and shared between Anglicans and Catholics, his bold vision is clearly set out:

That Anglicans and Roman Catholics (and others interested) work together to produce English language translations that can, as much as possible, be used by anyone in those denominations

The idea certainly has merit. It would be a wonderful development if it were to happen. As I commented on Fr Bosco’s suggestion:

Such an outcome would be a wonderful eventuality were it to come to fruition, in my humble opinion, since as Christians we are called to pray together.

Even though there may still be barriers to full and visible union (whatever that may look like) the possibility of using the same prayers from week to week would be a truly edifying ‘first step’, and highlight that we actually share more in common than many think.

Read the full article by going here – it’s well worth the effort!