Review: The Treason of the Ghosts

The Treason of the GhostsThe Treason of the Ghosts by Paul Doherty

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Another masterful medieval mystery from the pen of Paul Doherty and featuring our by now well-known clerkly sleuth, Hugh Corbett, and his small coterie of assistants. Sent this time to a small country town where there has been a historical series of murders – once thought concluded with the execution of the supposed killer, but now returning to haunt the town.

The complexities of the mystery, and the reticence of the town to have its prosperity threatened by either the murders or the arrival of the King’s clerk to investigate them, adds to the mystery and intrigue found in this particular edition of the series. The presence of a serial killer, which as Doherty notes in his “Author’s Note” is not a modern phenomenon, is an intriguing addition to the narrative, and one which leads to a surprising outcome.

Another wonderful and engaging novel in a wonderfully engaging series. Highly recommended.

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