More Balance Required

An interesting analysis from Massimo Faggioli on the state of Vatican-US relations, particularly in light of the renewed emphasis from Pope Francis on Vatican diplomacy.

Of particular concern to myself, largely because it is an understanding of Church that I don’t see here in Australia, is the analysis that Faggioli provides of the state of the US Church, suggesting that there are some within US Catholicism that see the US Church “almost like an independent Catholic Church”.

This is not the first time Faggioli has pointed out this impression, which he is able to make because much of his life was spent in Europe and only relatively recently in the United States. In other writings, Faggioli has highlighted the difference that he finds inherent in the present state of the American Church, which he suggests considers itself American first and Catholic secondly, which poses an interesting perspective from an ecclesiological point of view.

His latest article, which you can find below, highlights for me in even greater detail just how right he is in his understanding of the internal construction of the Catholic Church in the United States.